Saturday, February 25, 2012


Ta da dump, ta da dump, ta da dump, dump, dump................on the dump pile in the bed of the truck, she was thrown.

Plaster was missin' and cracks were here and there, so Miss Betty didn't think there was any need of tryin to save her.  But, then, before the truck headed toward the city dump, she thought, I'll bet Candy can wave her wand and bring this once gorgeous old frame back to life.

So, off the trash pile she was pulled...............

 into my shop she came.  And, this is how she looked.

First step was to paint it solid white.

Then the detail, I painted with acrylic paints in pinks, greens, a touch of blue and yellow.

Then, since there was soooo much detail that wasn't showing, I decided it needed to be antiqued.  So, I brushed on Minwax Dark Walnut, then dabbed the excess away with a paper towel.  And, here she is...........SAVED FROM THE DUMP...........bless her heart.

                            Plaster is STILL missing from the corners

And there are STILL cracks...............

here and there.....................

But, I do believe that

when Miss Betty came to take her home from my shop yesterday, she was reeeeally happy that she'd decided to save this sweet old piece from the dump.

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Saturday, February 18, 2012


These little tables get a face lift on the same day.  You know how it is.  You can't do just one project at a time.  While the brushes are wet and the studio is all in a mess, might as well do two at a time.  So, these were chosen. 

Project One: Paint this little girl white. So, I started by sanding, using my handy Black & Decker Mouse.   Then, I decided it was still a little too shiny, so.......................

thought maybe I should use some Deglosser by Savogran.  I just rubbed this all over the table with a paper towel.

Then I used my favorite Behr paint.  It was actually an 'oops' paint, but it's what I would call 'cottage white'.  I hope "The Home Depot" can match their oops, since I love this color.

I brushed two coats of the Behr oops onto the table.  It was pretty like this, but then I decided she needed a little distressing.

So, using my Mouse, she gets the perfect shabby touches.

Finished???..........I don't know.

Naaa,  I decided the center section didn't show at all........soooo, out came a contrasting color and.........

Well, now it shows, right.  At this point, I'd just sanded back some of the burgundy.  After dusting er she is.

NOW..............while the brush is wet, I thought I'd paint this small round Duncan Phyfe table toooo.

As you can see on this closeup of the drawer,  I let some of the wood show through.  I love, love this Glidden.

And, here it is finished, after just a little distressing around the edges.

Tea for TWO or TWO tea tables.......either way I think they turned out TOOOO cute.

     I just had to play with decorating a little before taking them to the shop.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Okay folks.  Since I haven't had a chance to go pickin' lately annnnd, I really haven't had any time for paintin' either, just thought I'd pass this 'too cute' idea along to you.  Maybe some of you other shop owners can use it.  Or, it'd actually make a cute curtain in any kitchen.

When I moved the shop to it's new location, I needed a doorbell.  I didn't want to buy one of those magnet type 'over the door' chimes.  So, I decided to use something to go with the shop's theme......which of course is antiques.  I looked for luck.   Looked for old jingle luck.  Sooooo, since I love old silverware, I decided I'd do something with that.  And, this is what I came up with...........

     Believe me, I can definitely hear when someone comes into the shop.

Here are the SIMPLE if you can't figure it out allll by yourself.

Gather your tools:  Scissors, silverware (of course), ribbon, cut into different lengths.  I used two different types of ribbon and alternated it on the rod.  Oh, yeah, a curtain rod.  That's all ya need. 

I used some of each..........forks, knives and spoons. 

Now, just tie one end of the ribbon to the utensil...........annnnnnd..................

                           Tie the OTHER end of the ribbon to the rod.

And, TaDaaaa........DOORBELL.
I get comments almost daily on my DOORBELL.   8-)

Oh, and if you don't have a shop, don't cha think it would make a precious curtain in the kitchen???  I do.

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Saturday, February 11, 2012


I recently spotted this desk at one of my favorite (as Mike Wolfe would say) honey holes.  Even though she was covered in dust and was dark and a bit on the ugly side, I could see the potential she possessed.  Soooo, onto my truck she climbed.

After standing in my garage for a few days, I decided to do the same colors and technique that I did on that first little table on my blog....just a few posts back.  So, after sanding away what little shine was left on her, out came my black and white paints.

Her legs and the stretcher bar......all painted white.

Then the top??  Painted black.  So simple, right.  But what a difference already.

In this pic, you can see that the white has been glazed.  I took just about a spoonful of that same black paint, put it on a Styrofoam plate and then added just enough water to make an inky mixture.  This was brushed over the white areas of the desk, allowed to set for just a few minutes, then wiped back with a soft cloth or paper towel........leaving the water stain in the cracks and crevices.  Be sure to leave some on the entire white area to give it an aged look.

That's it. I did use some Johnson's Paste Wax on the top......rub it on, let set til it turns white, then buff it back. This'll give you a pretty sheen. 

She's getting lots of attention in my shop, but no one has taken her home yet.  Wouldn't she make a great computer desk?

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Last week a lady brought an old lampshade into the shop and asked if I'd paint roses on it. And, since I had a couple lamps that I'd recently bought at an auction which had really UGLY shades, thought I'd find shade replacements for them and paint all 3 at the same time.

After finding 2 new shades at a local retail store, I gathered my supplies and sat down to paint.

 Using acrylics, barely thinned with water, I free handed  the base colors in rose shapes all the way around each shade.  The paint WILL bleed no matter what.  No worry, we'll just say this is part of the 'look' we are going for.

After the base colors are put on, let dry for.......saaaay........15 minutes.  Then, with a liner brush, use a darker color to outline the design.  I've used a burgundy.  Dip a liner brush into water and pull out some of the dark color, making it into an inky consistency. 

 Then, loosely line all of the leaves and roses.  Add dots to the centers of the roses to look like pollen.  LOOK!!!  I'm painting so fast, my hand is a blur.

Then add some curls here and there to fill in the empty areas.

 And, here are the finished products.  All the patterns are free handed on, so each side is different.  No carbon copies here.

    I hope my customer is pleased.              What do you think???

                    And, those auction lamps now have new shades too.