Sunday, November 11, 2012


This old chair was dark and tired and screamed for a makeover.

So, I gave it a couple coats of pure white paint.
Then, added some freehand flowers in pinks, mauves, and lavender.

Add green leaves and a curl or two.

Let a blue ribbon wind and twine among the flowers.

A little distressing and a little antiquing with stain to bring out the detail......

Then, after the stain has had time to dry, brush on two coats of water base varnish.

And, wha la, finished, all bright and cherry.....a pretty place to sit upon or just sit a plant upon.

What cha think?

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Friday, November 9, 2012


I'm one of those people who HATES change.  But, well, I've lost my lease on my shop building.  So, I think this means lots of changes coming up in my life.  I just don't think I can move AGAIN.  I have taken a large booth in a local antique mall, so you're not completely rid of me yet.

Anyway.....all that to say that my blogging time has been cut a little short lately due to shop SALES and packing to move.  But, sounds like I might be having more time than I know what to do with soon.  We'll see.

Here are some recent pictures of my shop......that I'll be saying goodbye to.....too soon.

Say a prayer for me............that this transition will be as easy as possible.

See y'all back here soon.