Thursday, February 28, 2013


 Just thought I'd share with you my latest project.  After having a new board made for a seat, I took her over to a girlfriend who then covered that seat for me.  Two coats of paint, a little shabbying up, and a coat of dark wax, and how very sweet is she now?

Ignore the house shoes in the background.  I need to work on my photography skills.  But, that's a project for another day.  

This one sold just minutes after posting her picture on Facebook.  Someday, I plan to keep some of these cuties for myself and make MY house all sweet and cozy.

All Ya'll Come Back to Visit SOON.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

VINTAGE CHAIR .... needs a facelift

Okay, I'm needin' help from all of you creative folks.  I love, love, love this old chair that I found on a recent pick.  I've brought her home and set her in my living room, and just cannot decide what I should do to bring her back to life.  Please give me some ideas.  I think I'd like to leave the wood dark, but I know it'd look great painted too.  IDEAS PLEASE.  I'm waiting for your help before I take her to the upholsterer.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


 It's been soooo rainy and dreary and cold and yucky for soooo long that I've not wanted to stick my nose out of the house for like....ever.  But, you can only stand that for so long, right?   Soooo, what da ya do??  Go pickin'!!!  

Here are a some of my favorite finds.  The little table had already been painted and burlap added to the top and shelf.  And, then glass was added on top of the burlap, making the perfect place for those treasured photos.  I brought it home, placed some of my old photos under the glass, took this picture and posted it on Facebook.  And in less than an hour, it had sold and was paid for and picked up by the customer.  I wish that happened more often. 

I always grab these old suitcases.  Got this one for a steal.  So, she'll soon be goin' down to my booth.  And, that little pitcher...........had to have it.  

It was a pretty fruitful pick.  Butttt,
the only bad thing about goin pickin' isssss that you wanna turn around and do it again and again and again.  I think I should make this a weekly event.  What cha think??

Ya'll come back soon.