Friday, August 31, 2012


Hey folks, I need your help.  This gorgeous old dresser has been sitting in my shop for waaaay too long.
And, yes, that's dust adorning the top.  Sorry.  Seems that the dust always shows up so much more in pictures.  Anyway, here's my quandary.  I'm wondering if I should paint this pretty old lady. 

 I'm not sure what type of wood she's made from, but it is very pretty.........chestnut maybe?  Or maple?

 Look at that detail.  Imagine how it would shine with a little glazing.  

Here she is, top to bottom.  So, really, what do you think?  I need to get back to my brushes soon, but I'll wait to hear your ideas before tackling this piece.

Oh, and please suggest a color.  
THANKS, ya'all.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Since I don't really have any newly painted items, I thought I'd just share a few pics of my shop.  You'll see many of the items that I have shown in 'before and after' pics and tutorials from past posts.  Hope you enjoy.

 Okay, that's enough for right now.  Don't wanna bore ya.  Ya'll come see me if you're ever in the area.

Monday, August 6, 2012


I haven't done a 'special order' in years and this one kinda scared me.  I asked the customer before she brought it if it was wood.       "Yes." 
But, when this little sewing machine cabinet arrived............
I discovered that the drawer fronts were some kind of  synthetic  ???  plastic-like material.  This would have scared me off a few months ago, but since I've started using CHALK PAINT, I thought "no problem".
 So, after taking the hardware off, I mixed my paint.  She wanted a green, but a little brighter than my OOPS green by Behr.  
 Soooo, I mixed in some of this Devoe Green Apple that I had my local paint store mix.  This gave me the color I was lookin for, but ................
 then I added the MIRACLE INGREDIENT that makes the paint literally stick to anything.  Click HERE for several different recipes, but I do use the Plaster of Paris mixture.
 After two coats of paint, the entire piece is sanded.  Here my speedy fingers are brushing away the dust left from the chalk paint.  (It does make more dust than sanding regular paint.)
Click below to see the REST of the story.  8-)