Saturday, September 13, 2014


Stored in the garage of my old 1920's house were all these window screens.  One day I decided if I hinged two of them together, they'd make a neat room divider.  So, I did, and it did.........but it was so very.........plain. 
Out came the paints and brushes and this was the end product. 
I think it turned out kinda cute, but beware, it was like painting on air.  Well, ya know, there are holes in the screen.  Duh.  But, I dabbed and dabbed and dobbed until there was finally a sweet floral design on the screen.
Guess what?  This was a 'one-of-a kind' screen because I didn't want to go through all that dabbing again.  But, I did like the finished product.  What cha think?

She'ssss Ba......ack !

I haven't posted in so very long, I've almost forgotten how to do a post.  So, I thought I'd just sit down tonight and see if I can find my way around again.  Here goes.........
I lucked up on this precious little table at a yard sale last year.  It found it's way to a corner of my garage where it's sat quietly until a couple weeks ago, when I stumbled upon it again.  Needing a quick project, I dragged it back out and this is the end result.

I painted the entire piece with two coats white chalk paint. 

Then, put a wash of spruce acrylic paint down the grooved legs and the groove above the drawer.

Some quick freehand roses, buds and leaves, a little distressing, add a new knob, and she's all done.  Oh, I did finish with a coat of S C Johnson's clear paste wax. 
I thought it was just TOO CUTE.  And, it went home with a young girl just a few days later to sit beside her bed.  I hope she enjoys it as much as I enjoyed painting it.
Hey ya'll.  It's nice to be back. 

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