Sunday, May 12, 2013


Days like today often make me a little sad. It was only a few short years ago that I sat in front of my upstairs window painting lampshades almost daily for Judy. Judy assembled the lampshades and sold them wholesale all over the country. As I sat there working, I would watch what went on just outside my window. My Mom and Granny lived across the street in their beautiful old home.  I'd watch as Granny watered the flowers or swept the walk. And, I'd see Mom hop in her car to run here and she loved to do. Almost any day, I could look just next door to them and see my Great Aunt Lou there on the front porch of that majestic old home, where she'd be swinging..........left leg always propped up in the swing, right foot resting on the porch. She'd gently push against her cane to make the porch swing.......swing. On days when my window was raised and there was little traffic on Pulaski Street, I could hear her singing some sweet old hymn.

In this picture, from left to right, Great Aunt Lou, Mom, and Granny

 All of these precious ladies are gone now, along with most all of the older generations of my family. When I was a little girl, more than a few years ago, I was so blessed to have 10, YES TEN, living grandparents (all natural, no step). Ya know, when a little person has 10 grandparents, they are made to feel very special. Seems there were always grandparents around spoiling me with their love. But, now 'I' am the older generation and I sooo miss having all those loving people in my life.

HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY to all you mothers out there. And, if you are blessed enough to still have your mother with you, let her know how important she is to you.
Please turn the page to see just a couple pictures that I am so glad to have.... going back 5 generations before me.
 Just wanted to share some of my old family photos.  The baby is my Mom, in her Mom's arms, standing next to her Mom, standing next to her Mom.  Sooo, that's my Grandmother, Great Grandmother, and Great Great Grandmother, from right to left.

This is the same group plus one.  Mother is on the left, then her Mother, next to her Mother, next to her Mother, next to her Mother.  So, Mom, Grandmother, Great Grandmother, Great Great Grandmother and Great Great Great Grandmother.

Hope you've had a wonderful Mothers' Day!
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  1. What amazing photos!!! And such beautiful memories - loved looking through them!

    1. Thanks so much Suzan. And, thanks for stopping by. 8-)

  2. This is a great post, Candy. You must tell me sometime which homes these are. I love the old homes. Maybe I'll get to your booths sometime soon and maybe you'll be there fluffing.

    1. Thanks Amy. My home on Pulaski Street was the one with the iron fence out front......just next to the Pain Clinic. I MISS THAT HOUSE. It was about to be condemned when my X and I bought it and renovated it. Mom's was across the street, now Mable's Antiques and my Great Aunt lived with her daughter and son-in-law just east of Mom's.....going toward 43 Highway.
      I do miss seeing folks like you now that I don't have my own shop. Yell at me someday when you're coming my way and we'll go grab a salad or something together. Hope you and your hubby are well.

  3. Hi Candy, love your post. I so miss my mom and the home my parents built. I was lucky to have my mom for 87 years. Hope your Mothers day was filled with love and fun.

  4. Hi Candy,
    I was thinking about you and wanted to see how you were doing. Hope you had a happy mother's day and that things are going well for you!

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  6. Haven't see you post in a bit . Thought I would zoom over and say HURRY back … hugs and hope all is blessed in your picking and a painting world


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