Saturday, February 4, 2012


There aren't many yard sales or garage sales right now in Tennessee because of the weather, of course.  But, I did manage to find a few cuties to bring into the shop yesterday.  The planter is a 'real' McCoy.  I turned it upside down so you could see the mark.....butttt, my camera isn't so great, so it doesn't show anyway.  Since this new blogging venture has begun, methinks I should invest in a better camera someday soon.

I loved the vintage cream pitcher with the blue floral design.  It has crazing and has turned dark around the bottom.  But, to me, this just adds character.  Then there's this basket???  Or is it a bee skep???  I don't know.  Maybe some of you can tell me.  Is it even old or just made to look old?  Either way, and whatever it is, I thought it was an unusual piece and I grabbed it before someone else could.

The old kerosene can? Well, it just called my name. I suppose it's only use these days would be to grace some one's flowerbed by hanging on a Sheppard's hook, or just to sit by the door of the garden shed.......I dunno, but brought it to the shop anyway.  And this lil jar of marbles???  Well, it just brought back memories.  I can actually remember playing marbles when I was a kid.  These in the jar are those large ones that we called shooters waaay back then.  And, the jar itself is a cute 1/2 pint.
Soooo, even though it's SLIM PICKINS out there right now, you can still find some goodies.


  1. Ah, yes, I know it all too well, since I started blogging I upgraded cameras twice, my newest one is a Canon Rebel.

    LOVE the kerosene can!! I bought something yesterday that called out to me too!! Just posted my rummage sale goodies!


  2. Okay then, I'll just have to run over to Tattered Chick to see what goodies you found.

  3. Yes you found great finds in a limited season!! Love the can! I heard it calling my name too!

  4. Welcome to Blogland! I've "met" SO many wonderful gals and have Learned so much! It's a great place to visit. I'm your newest follower :)
    Fun finds and makeovers!!! I sell at 3 shops...going down to 2 in March.
    Nice to meet you!

  5. They look like pretty good pickins to me!!

  6. Oh, I just love love your pickins and paintin projects. The white side table you redid is fabulous. I think you and I will get along famously. So happy to get in on the ground floor of your new blog. I love the blogging world so much. I love to hit garage and yard sales too. Where I live the winter is very mild, so I will be out to sales very soon. I noticed there were many this past weekend, but didn't have the opportunity to get to them. I have found some fabulous things right here in our little valley. Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you got in on my giveaway. Take care and happy blogging to you!

  7. Hey Candy! thanks for stopping by to see me! I am new at this blog thing too. I love the kerosene can! I love any old metal container! Very cool!

  8. Hey Candy, thanks for poppin in, this bloggin thing is so much fun, huh...great find and I love your table redo, beautiful!!! The apple green paint is awesome, we call it granny green here in Ioway, love it on the cement leaf too...I keep saying every year I'm gonna do that, my rhubarb leaves were huge last year, but I didn't have the time...rats!!!

    Have fun bloggin, we're a fun bunch a pickers!!!



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