Thursday, February 2, 2012


I found this little bench at a yard sale some time back.  And, since I needed another quick project, I pulled it outta the garage and went to work.  I don't know about what's 'IN' in your neck of the woods, but here, the younger generation seems to want bright colors.  Soooo, since I couldn't find the bright green that I wanted for this little piece, I went to my local paint store and had them mix one for me. 

                                  They used Devoe Paint and we named it  GREEN APPLE .

First, give it a quick sanding.  I love my MOUSE by Black & Decker.  The pointed front gets into tight places.  Wipe with a tack cloth, then paint the entire piece.  I gave it two coats to give good coverage.  Let dry thoroughly.

Then, of course, I sanded part of the paint away, giving the piece that shabby loved look.

Then, just dust and DECORATE. 

Or maybe crocks would look better? I can see it on a porch or in a sunroom with plants, cookbooks in the kitchen.

Kinda cute.....what cha think?

Take a peek HERE to see what I did while I had that GREEN APPLE paint still in my brush.  Gotta multi task, ya know.


  1. Oh, I love this, the color is great! I can totally see it in a sun room! Great job!


  2. Thanks Carol AND, thanks for the visit.

  3. Your green bench would make a great porchy piece. It's so fun and springy. Love it.
    Thanks for visiting me. I'm following you back. Mary Alice

  4. Thanks Mary Alice and COME BACK SOON.

  5. Hello, Candy! Thanks for visiting me at my baby blog. I had to giggle when I saw your green table because I just finished painting a table for our bedroom a very similar color. I will take pics tomorrow when the sun is shining and I get it all fixed the way I want it. Is the picture taken in your shop?

  6. Hi Susan. Thanks for stopping in. Actually, I didn't think I'd like the green, but after finishing the project, I loved it. The first pics are taken in my home, but the last two are in the shop after I took it in and decorated it. I can't wait to see pics of your bedroom table. Take a look at the green leaf that I did with the same paint.......just posted tonight.

  7. Hi Candy, Thanks for visiting me and for the comments. I have always wanted to paint furniture like you so thanks for the tutorial. Your shop sounds like one I would like to visit someday! I am going to read your posts then send you an email!


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