Thursday, April 19, 2012


Recently at an auction, I purchased this gorgeous antique highboy chest of drawers.   The wood is quarter sawn oak, and the finish WAS in really good shape.  UNTIL....................

Well, I had gone to the auction alone so, had to get one of the guys working there to help me load my new treasure.  Since I didn't get home til about 10:30 pm'ish, I thought I'd just leave that pretty girl on the truck til morning when I could get help to unload her.  Thennnn, the next morning, what do I hear???  RAIN hitting my window. OH MY!!
I thought I'd just wipe the rain away and the finish would still be fine.  Ahhh, NO!!!  The whole chest had turned a yucky, milky color.  So, methinks, let it dry out really good, and it'll go back to that rich, pretty finish.  Ahhh, NO!!!  Sigh!!!  I couldn't believe I'd let my new treasure get ruined just by letting it sit on the truck for ONE night.    

So, what's my answer to EVERYTHING??  PAINT.

I started by taking off the knobs, then sanding everything.

The mirror had been in the back seat of the truck, so it wasn't rained on and you can see how the finish DID look, BEFORE the rain.

         Everything gets two coats of my favorite Behr Cottage White.

With the screws still in the knobs, I just stick them into a styro plate so they're easier to handle while painting.

 Let dry, then hit it here and there with the sander to give it that 'much loved' look.

Put knobs back on.

Then reattach that gorgeous old beveled mirror.

 Maybe she was just MEANT TO BE painted.....since she does look so pretty now.  Take a peek HERE to see all the pieces I've done that match this chest.  Oh, and if you'd like directions for painting that lampshade on the lamp that's sitting on the chest, CLICK HERE.

Ya'll come back soon.  I'm workin on several pieces in the color of the week.........celery green.  8-)

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  1. Cute cute piece, sorry about the rain but your new paint job look great.

    1. Thanks Char. Lesson learned, I guess. No more leaving pieces on the truck overnight.

  2. OH man, I was on the edge of my seat reading that. Im glad it worked out. I was affraid you were going to say you had to replace somthing on it. Looks very pretty now.

  3. Phew,the piece turned out so nice!!

    Me too, I have my favorite old dresser in the shed and it's been sitting there like for 5 months!
    Poor thing had to stay there during the winter and now all the drawers are kind of stuck!! I guess due to the cold and humidity...I hope I can fix them..

  4. Sayuri, Probably when you bring it into a drier, less humid spot, the drawers will hopefully shrink. GOOD LUCK.

  5. Hi Candy: I'm sure you were disappointed as you bought the chest because you liked the oak, but you made lemonade out of sour lemons, and look what a pretty piece it turned out to be.. Happy Thursday..Judy

  6. Thanks, Judy. I do like leomonade. 8-)

  7. I can't believe the rain damaged it that quickly. It looks great now though!

    1. ME EITHER, SANDY!!! Must have rained all night......but still??? 8-)

  8. Candy, Your chest of drawers does have a sweet cottagey look now in the white even though that wasn't what you had planned.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm following you back.
    Mary Alice

    1. Thanks, Mary Alice. Hope you can come back.

  9. Hi Candy
    Looks beautiful I love the cottage feel and look that you achieved.

    Have a wonderful weekend


  10. What a cinderella moment for that old's beautiful!

  11. I HATE when those things happens...but you made lemonade from the lemon you were given. It looks REALLY pretty in the white! It's a charming piece.

  12. I am a believer anything can be fixed and see you did it
    I love painted furniture and use to paint a lot and have sold it at yard sales when I found another piece I wanted, you know all about that i'm sure

    the chest is wonderful and thanks for coming over to visit my blog


  13. I think it was meant to be painted after all. It looks wonderful, and great idea on how to paint knobs!

  14. Thanks, Susan. Visit again soon.

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