Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ms Duncan Phyfe

I fell in love when I saw this unusual table.  That's not a good thing when you're at an auction.  Go here to see the before, as she sat at the auction site.

And, click below for a quick tutorial on the transformation.

This one got a quick, head to toe, sanding.  Then, I used my favorite burgundy paint and gave her two coats.  I always use acrylic water base paint.

After both coats had dried, I then brushed on Minwax Special Walnut.  You've heard all this before, haven't ya??  Sorry.  But, when I find something that works for me, I stick with it.  
Anyway..........I immediately wiped the Minwax off using a soft cloth.  See how it changed the color and gave the piece a softer look.

I even brushed the Minwax on the little brass feet to brighten them up


Another quick makeover DONE.  And, she went from oh so drab to WOW!!!  Well, at least I think she did.  I can imagine many uses for this unusual little table..........such as for desserts at one of your family dinners. Or, just covered in trailing plants.  A lamp at center top, then books and pretties below.  

Oh, and if you missed the 'tutt' for the little half table, go take a quick peek HERE.

And, here she is, Ms Duncan Phyfe.

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  1. Well, here ya go. And, just look at all that space for display. 8-)

  2. Oh Candy it looks fabulous! I love the color. Great job. Thanks for the info. Have a great evening.

  3. Ahhhh, thanks Ana. You have a great evening too. COME BACK AND VISIT AGAIN SOON.

  4. Hi thanks for visiting my blog! I love it such a pretty color! Traci

  5. Candy, What a cool table! It turned out beautiful! Thanks for sharing at Creative Thursday last week. I can't wait to see what you link up this week. Have a great day :)


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