Wednesday, October 3, 2012

GIRLS' DAY OUT at BELLA RUSTICA are a few more pics from my Girls' Day Out at Bella Rustica.  Check my LAST POST for more pics of this fun trip to THE MILKY WAY FARM near Pulaski, Tennessee.  Hope you enjoy.

Lots of turquoise, teal, and other shades of the sea.

Happy Fall, Ya'll.

 Notice the rock walls of this great old barn.

Goodies Galore!!!

 A bicycle propped against a picket fence just shouts home.

 What is it about chippy paint that we love so?

Imagine sleeping on those bed springs.  OUCH!

 Is that a tomato cage under her skirt???

And this old washtub???  A hanging lamp.  WOW.  Who thought of that?

I'm lovin that POP of GREEN.


And, this is the cutest tablecloth I think I've ever seen.  Great shop display, don't cha think?

Another cute display was this cowgirl jewelry thingy.

More display old gate, and a vintage door.

Then there were MORE booths OUTSIDE,

with eeeeven more treasures,

and more burlap.
Don't cha just love this color?

  I'd love, love, love to have this old truck.

 Paintings on Canvas.......PERFECTLY PRIMITIVE.
No, that wasn't her name, just my thought on her art.

So many fun things to see.

 And, only so much money to spend.

 Ahhh, but I've heard that they're already planning to be back here at The Milky Way Farm next year.

A Rosary with a Prom Dress???  I don't know about that??

THANK YOU for visiting with me.  I hope you enjoyed the show as much as I did.  See you back here soon.


  1. O how lovely, and the color of choice outside of Turquoise! So many wonder it is getting harder to find stuff on the cheap...people are getting on board of vintage....thanks for the pics for all of us who could not make it

  2. I was there on Friday. It was fun, wasn't it!

    1. We were there Friday too, Amy. Wish I'd seen you. Soooo, what did you bring home with you??

  3. Passei aqui, vi, li e adorei esse blog. Parabéns pelo bons textos e pelo blog. Deixo o meu blog e aguardo a sua visita.

  4. I LOVE burlap throw pillows!! I am your newest follower and was kinda hoping that you wouldn't mind checkin out my neck o' the woods. Just come on over to:
    and follow me if you like my blog!

    Thank you,

    1. Sarah, thanks so much for following. Im there!!! Gonna see what you've been up to.

  5. Great photos, Candy! So many wonderful goodies to be had. It looks like you had a terrific time with "the girls". :-)

  6. You have so many more pics than me! What was I thinking? HA! I got a few and most of those are blurry. I guess I have to go back next year and take more pics. :) What day did you go? I went on Saturday but I think the day to go was Friday.

    1.'re welcome to any of these pics. And, we went on Friday. WAS FUN!!!

  7. Replies
    1. Well, make plans now. I think they're already planning to be there again next year.

  8. What a fun place to be! I have that blue chair with the burlap seat in my dining room. It is still wood color though. I love it. It was a gift from a neighbor.

  9. we went too. Freda and I had a blast .... Freda really wanted that Prom Dress...hehe

    1. It was fun, wasn't it. Soooo much inspiration packed into that one building.


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