Tuesday, October 2, 2012


My good friend, Eloise, asked if I wanted to run away with her and a couple of her other friends to Bella Rustica last week.  Money is a little tight right now in my world, but I thought it'd be great to soak up some of the inspiration floating around there, so, of course I agreed.  If you haven't heard of this show, it is a wonderful vintage barn marketplace charity event held this year at The Milky Way Farm in Tennessee.   Here are some of my favorite Bella Rustica treasures.

 I think this was my favorite piece of furniture.  Sooooo creative.  And, I love the color.  Notice the handles are jute pulls and there are burlap flowers in the centers of the drawers.  The top lifted, yes, lifted.  Chalkboard paint had been put on it so that it could be used for messages.  The top two drawers were gone.  But, so what??!!!  What a neat place to put linens, either in a basket or NOT.  This gorgeous old re-creation was in Gina's booth, of Shabby Creek Cottage.

 Love that old chair to the left, with the vintage velour fabric.  What a gorgeous color!!

 And this picture frame in the same color!!



 Burlap was everywhere and made into all sorts of items...........here, Christmas stockings.

 So much talent stuffed into one big barn.

 I saw this chest being wheeled out the door.  Don't cha just love the color combo??!!!

 How cute are these little birds' nests??

Is this an old watering trough?  Or maybe a chickens' nest??  I dunno, but I love it still.

There were pillows everywhere..........large and small, burlap and calico.

Liz of LuLu's sent an email thanking me for including pics of her both.  The trunk below and the next photo are from her booth.  I hope you had a great weekend, Liz.

This old picture (to the right) reeeeally wanted to come live at my house, but I resisted.  Isn't it gorgeous??!!

Okay, enough for right now.  I'll post more pics in a day or two.  Needless to say, we enjoyed our visit to Bella Rustica in the rolling hills of Giles County, Tennessee.  Thanks, Eloise, for inviting me.  8-)


  1. Thanks for coming by Quirky Vistas! I'm so glad to come by and see you had pictures from Bella Rustica. Love getting a look at the shows I can't make it to. So fun!

  2. What great pics...and thank you for the visit!!!understand the money tight comment...and the vintage pic on the last pic...love

  3. All eye candy, just love looking at your photos. Such great talent!

  4. Hi Candy
    I'm returning the visit! Thanks for visiting me at altered-artworks.blogspot and leaving such a nice comment. I love this post -- such great vintage items. I'm now your follower, too!

  5. Thanks for taking us along ~ looks like many wonderful things.
    It would be hard to choose.
    Prim Blessings

  6. Unbelievable stuff! What inspiration!


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